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18 November 2020

Making Sense of Mini Games

A free downloadable resource supporting disabled people of all ages to be more active.
18 November 2020

Unconscious bias in football commentary

RunRepeat, in partnership with The Professional Footballers' Association conducted a study on racial bias within football commentary. They analysed 2,073 statements from commentators in 80 football matches from the 2019/20 season.
10 September 2020

National guidance on PE and sport in school.

There have been a lot of schools asking for advice around what to do this term with regards to PE and sport. The association for PE has published some really useful guidance to support the Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity workforce including a practical self-review tool for Covid-19 risk assessment; Managing risk, maximising opportunity! The Youth Sport Trust have also issued guidance and have recognised that pupils will be re-entering school in very different starting points. Putting health and well-being at the centre of PE provision as a support mechanism to address the balance.
21 February 2020

Young people in care feel there are fewer opportunities for them to get involved in sport

Six out of 10 young people in care felt they did not have the same opportunities to take part in sport compared to friends who were not in care, according to a new report.
02 January 2020

Learning beyond the classroom - Literacy inspired outdoor education

Learning through adventure and experience is ‘hard wired’ into children – Kate Heap a Primary English Specialist from Leeds blogged about how she uses sailing to support children’s understanding of the novel Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.
20 December 2019

EYFS: Could the answer to good writing be dancing?

We know that physical activity isn’t the whole answer but it’s a great start… Helen Pinnington shares her experiences and the positive outcomes on motivation in early writing in her school.