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Whole School Food Policy

Schools can influence food eaten on school premises and beyond the school gate and aim to improve food choices and consumption as pupils’ progress into their adulthood.

Policies play an important role in determining what, when, where and how pupils access good nutrition. Adopting a whole school food policy not only ensures the school follows consistent up-to-date information in relation to the School Food Standards and statutory requirements, but also enables the school to engage pupils and families and drive the link between a healthy diet and the ability to learn.

A well-developed policy will bring together key stakeholders to make decisions around parts of school life that really matter and make a difference.

What is a whole school food policy?

“A food policy sets a framework for all food related activities in school, ensuring that aims and outcomes are consistent with, and supportive of, the overall goal of improving health and wellbeing.” (Sustain, 2005).

It provides a clear, current picture of what is happening in school across the day in relation to food and drink provision and the curriculum … not just school meals.

How can we support your school?

We can support your school on the journey of developing a new food policy or review an existing one. We can offer full staff training or support with facilitating staff meetings.

You can also order a copy of our Whole School Food Policy guidance through our Leeds for Learning store. 

BreaktimeFood PolicyFood Policy 2

The resource contains a step-by-step guide to follow to develop your policy. This takes you through your whole school day, from breakfast, to afterschool, to the curriculum and even to consider food used for rewards and birthdays. There are also guidance notes and example statements to help you formulate the content of your policy. You can use the template included or adapt it to create your own unique food policy.

To find out more about our training, resources, or request some support with developing or reviewing your school food policy please get in touch at

To order a copy of the whole school food policy guidance, please visit