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The School Food Standards

The School Food Standards are mandatory for all maintained schools. The apply to all food service on school premise up to 6pm, which includes breakfast clubs, break times, school lunches and after school food provison. Since 2014 all academies and free schools must also meet the standards and this an explicit requirement in their funding agreements. These school food standards are designed to ensure that food provided to pupils in school is nutritious and of high quality.

The responsibility of school food including meeting the School Food Standards, lies with the Governing body, but in practice can often by manged by school catering with the support and management of school leadership.

How can we support your school with the School Food Standards?

We can offer menu analysis and advice for food served across the school day. Our Nutritionist can check your menu for compliance with the School Food Standards and guidance on improving the nutritional quality of meals and snacks. We can also advise on strategies for improving healthier eating and encouraging better choices at lunchtimes.

We offer training on the School Food Standards for catering staff, lunchtime staff, before and after school club leaders and school leadership, to support a shared responsibility for school food.

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Links and resources

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