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06 September 2021

This plan includes a series of recommendations designed to be implemented over the next three years, they are essential first steps in a longer-term transition for better food systems.

“This is no time for half-hearted measures. If both government and businesses are willing to take bold action and prioritise the public’s health, then we have an incredible opportunity to create a much fairer and more sustainable food system for all families. Of course it’s right every child should have access to healthy and affordable food, no matter where they live – and last year has been a stark reminder that nutritious meals are vital in keeping us all healthy and resilient”.
Jamie Oliver, British Chef

Recommendation 3 could be particularly exciting for shcools! The plan is to launch a new “Eat and Learn” initiative for schools. What is it The Department for Education (DfE) should launch a new “Eat and Learn” initiative for all children 3–18 yrs, in partnership with the new Office of Health Promotion. This would make learning to eat well part of every child’s school experience. It would involve the following elements: 1. Curriculum changes 2. Accreditation 3. Inspection 4. Funding 5. Recruitment and training. Watch this space.

The plan also recommendations around salt and sugar reduciton, free school meals, healthy start, agriculture and farming. Visit to read the plan in full and find out more.

The plan