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Resources for Primary Schools

The following lessons are from the PSHE Scheme You, Me, PSHE

Year 3 - Keeping safe and managing risk

Years 1, 3, 4 and 6 - Identify society and equality

The following lessons are from the MindMate Champions scheme of work

Year 1 - Being the same being different

Year 5 - Being the same being different

Year 6 - Being the same being different

CBBC Blue Peter video link

Resources for Secondary Schools

The following lessons and resources are from the Secondary PSHE toolkit

Year 8 Human Rights and Equality

Year 9 Human Rights and Hate Crime

The following lessons are from the MindMate Champions scheme of work

Year 7 - Being the same being different

Year 8 - Being the same being different

Year 11 - Being the same being different



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Being Black & Being Me

Being Black & Being Me is a film created by Tamirah, a young black woman who volunteers at Youthwatch & Black Lives Matter Leeds and wants to improve the lives of black people and make a positive impact on this world. 

The NEU's framework for developing an anti-racist approach

The NEU framework has been designed to help you explore ideas around race equality and plan how to tackle racism with children, young people and staff.

It offers discussion starters in your workplace to help:

  • Empower Black staff and pupils to explore and express what matters to them.
  • Support young people’s right to speak out and engage as active citizens with the issues around racism that they care about.
  • Challenge racial inequalities and oppressive racial norms and assumptions.

Show Racism the Red Card: 

The Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card are offering 4 webinar modules at £20 per delegate with the two main union memberships. 

PSHE Association: Challenging Racism through PSHE Education:

Challenging Racism through PSHE Education

Links to external resources:

Flocabulary: Racisl Justice Resources

Choose from 20+ free videos that support antiracist teaching & learning.

15 classroom resources for discussing racism, policing  and protests

Parent's Guide to Black Lives Matter

21 Anti-Racism Videos To Share With Kids

These videos help to explain complex topics to young audiences

Windrush Resources

IntoFilm have compiled a wide range of resources to help teach your students about the Windrush Generation, from films, to creative writing activities.

IntoFilm BLM Articles and Assembly

IntoFilm have compiled two articles around police brutality and experiences of racism for secondary students to read, plus an interactive assembly resource that uses the film Selma to open discussion about the Civil Rights movement.

Parent Zone: Resources to help you talk to your child about racism

There’s never been a better time to talk to children about prejudice, diversity and inclusion. Parent Zone have pulled together a list of the best resources to help kickstart the conversation.

A Video Game About Conflict Resolution Helps Develop Empathy for Refugees

Unconscious bias in football commentary

This is the first time a study of this kind has been conducted to understand if there is a difference in the way the football media talks about players of different skin colour. RunRepeat, in partnership with The Professional Footballers' Association conducted a study on racial bias within football commentary. They analysed 2,073 statements from commentators in 80 football matches from the 2019/20 season. 

5-11 additional resources

Key Stage 2 resources for citizenship
Anti-racism resources for white families bringing up anti- racist chldren
This resource was made in light of Blackout Tuesday and riots occurring in America.
Anti- racist resources for school staff
Range of anti-racist fiction from The Guardian newspaper
Anti-racist literature, resources & stories for children
Resources for school highlighting racist issues
A guide to celebrating black history
Resources for Primary Schools: The following lessons are from the PSHE Scheme You, Me, PSHE
Teacher video: a black teacher reads a story promoting anti-racism