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Psychological Resilience is defined as an individual's ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. Stress and adversity can come in the shape of family or relationship problems, health problems, or workplace and financial worries, among others. Resilience is not a rare ability; in reality, it is found in the average individual and it can be learned and developed by virtually anyone. Resilience should be considered a process, rather than a trait to be had.

The Resilience Framework (Adapted from Hart & Blincow by Boing Boing) is essential reading for anyone seeking to build resilience amongst the children and young people they work with. 

The Leeds Resilience Programme – School/College Offer

The Health & Wellbeing Support and Prevention Team, Leeds City Council has been commissioned to deliver a number of resilience group work programmes to targeted secondary schools/colleges across Leeds.

What does the programme involve?

The programme is based on a 10 session programme, which includes one-one support combined with an 8 session group work programme, which is designed to be delivered for 2 hours each week.The programme is inspired by the Young Minds Academic Resilience Model which focuses on five key areas of resilience (Belonging, Core, Coping, Learning and Basic) which incorporate a number of issue based topics such as alcohol, peer pressure, social media, body image and abusive relationships.


The programme has been delivered in seven schools so far, with sixty six young people in attendance. 

School Feedback: “Can we book you again for September, it has been really useful having the team in. The kids have enjoyed the session’s loads!”

“The team work really hard at engaging some difficult young men, although the programme didn’t always have their attention the young men attended every session. This was quite a big statement considering how one had issues with attendance and three others were close to permanent exclusion.” 

Feedback from young people: “It’s helped form new relationships,” (Y11, Boy)

“I liked to go to the group, I felt a part of something. I learnt different things which made me think”

The programme covers:

- Understanding boundaries & responsibilities/ social media;
- Understanding emotions – managing stress/anxiety/solving problems/support networks;
- Importance of sleep/coping/relaxation methods;
- Alcohol/peer pressure/managing risk;
- Understanding relationships/making life work;
- Body image/fostering talents/celebrating achievements;
- Celebration/life planning/next steps/signposting;

Visit the Support & Prevention Team page or contact us for more details.