Covid-19 - Resources to support children’s wellbeing and education for schools, parents and carers

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Support and Prevention Team

Support and Prevention Team

Support and prevention team support across three key areas:

1-1 Support - a no cost support package using an evidence based model following the Leeds practice model. Working with Children and Young people in a way that understands their needs keeping them as the main focus. For more info please click on the 1-1 support tab

PHSE session delivery –supporting school settings with delivery of challenging PHSE subjects using a team teach model in line with the new statuary guidance. Sessions are now available through the health and wellbeing service and are at no cost to those learning providers who have purchased a package. More info can be found here

Leeds resilience programme -  a no cost school based emotional wellbeing program which enables young people aged 11-18 years to access a range of tools and strategies to improve emotional resilience and manage stressful and challenging situations. For more info please click on the Leeds Resilience programme tab.