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MindMate Wellbeing (Cluster Mental Health Support)


MindMate Wellbeing is mental health support based in schools/clusters that could help with any of the issues presented above. It can help by providing consultation for professionals and face-to-face or virtual support for young people as well as broader access to other services within the cluster. This support can usually be accessed where the child or young person attends school by speaking to someone in school, or following a referral to The MindMate Single Point of Access (SPA) by a health professional, parent or young person (over the age of 13yrs).

For further information about clusters and what is available in each local area, contact your Targeted Service Leader or Cluster Manager.


Most children’s needs are met by their family or universal services that are available to everyone, provided as a right to all children, young people and their families

Family Information Service Tel: 0113 3789700


Targeted services provide additional capacity and expertise using a co-ordinated multi-disciplinary approach, early help assessment, with a Lead Practitioner

If you know them, contact your local Targeted Service Leader or Cluster Manager.

Alternatively, contact Early Help Hubs:





When services cannot be met in universal or targeted services, a request can be made for specialist services. You may need a discussion about what is available and how to request it