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Puberty question

Going through puberty can be a confusing, difficult time for some children. Talking through both the physical and emotional changes can help to alleviate some of the worries they experience and help them to grow in confidence.

This session gives pupils the opportunity to explore some of the changes they may experience and includes information on body changes, periods, mood swings and a brief overview of conception. The session examines how pupils can manage their growing independence including personal hygiene, understanding privacy and ways to manage their wellbeing.

Links to Statutory Relationships and Health Education Guidance

  • key facts about puberty and the changing adolescent body, particularly from age 9 through to age 11, including physical and emotional changes;
  • about menstrual wellbeing including the key facts about the menstrual cycle.
  • about the concept of privacy and the implications of it for both children and adults; including that it is not always right to keep secrets if they relate to being safe;
  • that each person’s body belongs to them, and the differences between appropriate and inappropriate or unsafe physical, and other, contact.

Science curriculum:

  • describe the changes as humans develop to old age
  • Describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals



Prices for these sessions start from £85 for one session.

Schools with a full Health and Wellbeing Service SLA may be entitled to delivery for one year group at no cost.


To request a quote or make a booking please visit the Leeds for Learning, puberty and conception session page.


'The facilitator made the children feel at ease/comfortable, used simple, easy to understand explanations'

Teacher YR6