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The Leeds Resilience Programme – School/College Offer

The Health & Wellbeing Support and Prevention Team, Leeds City Council has been commissioned to deliver a number of resilience group work programmes to targeted secondary schools/colleges across Leeds.

What does the programme involve?

The programme is a group work programme consisting of 8 sessions, which are designed to be delivered for 1 hour each week.

The programme is based on the Young Minds Academic Resilience model which focuses on five key areas of resilience (Belonging, Core, Coping, Learning and Basic) which incorporate a number of issue based topics such as alcohol, peer pressure, social media, body image and abusive relationships.

See below for example overview of the programme:

8 session group work programme (1 hour each)

Being me, knowing myself

Understanding boundaries 

Exploring emotions and solving problems

Stress and anxiety


Peer pressure and risk (the teenage brain)

Healthy relationships

Body image/Celebrating achievements

Who is the programme aimed at?

The programme is aimed at young people aged 11 – 18 years old who meet any of the following referral criteria:

  • Demonstrating any risky health behaviours including, but not restricted to, self-harm; drug and alcohol misuse; child sexual exploitation; harmful sexual behaviour
  • Suffering from anxiety and depression
  • Need support with increasing resilience and social skills
  • Suffer from poor emotional health and wellbeing
  • Decrease in  attendance and attainment or history of low attendance and attainment
  • Difficulties in identifying and establishing healthy relationships.

The programme is not exclusively aimed at young people with behavioural issues, however we recognise that some young people may present with what could be perceived as challenging behaviour.

Programme Evaluation

The programme will be evaluated weekly and following the completion of the programme.

Parent/Carer Consent

A template parent/carer letter will be provided to the school/college contact, which will outline the purpose of the programme and will ask for consent for their child to take part in the programme.


This is a targeted commission, to find out if your school is eligible for the programme please email quoting secondary resilience programme in the subject of the email.

Feedback from pupils and schools


'Fantastic programme, covering a range of topics with the pupils which cover the PSHE curriculum. The SPT facilitator has built trusting relationships with the pupils and they demonstrate a great deal of respect towards him and this enables him to have healthy discussions with our learners about sensitive issues. '

Teacher (SEMH provision)


'I have gained confidence- I know I can speak to people now’.

Secondary pupil