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Media, advertising and celebrity culture all have a significant impact on the way children and young people view themselves. This one hour session explores the various influences impacting on children in relation to body image with a particular focus on social media and image manipulation.

This session encourages pupils to respect and celebrate differences, focus on qualities and behaviours and pupils to evaluate messages they receive through social media in relation to body confidence.


Links to Statutory Relationships and Health Education Guidance 

  • the importance of respecting others, even when they are very different from them (for example, physically, in character, personality or backgrounds), or make different choices or have different preferences or beliefs;
  • the importance of self-respect and how this links to their own happiness.
  • the benefits of rationing time spent online,
  • the risks of excessive time spent on electronic devices and the impact of positive and negative content online on their own and others’ mental and physical wellbeing,
  • that the internet can also be a negative place where online abuse, trolling, bullying and harassment can take place, which can have a negative impact on mental health.



Prices for these sessions start from £85 for one session.

Schools with a full Health and Wellbeing Service SLA may be entitled to delivery for one year group at no cost.


To request a quote or make a booking please visit the Leeds for Learning, body image session page.