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05 June 2020


You will all be aware that earlier this week the Civic Hall and other civic buildings were lit up in purple to show Leeds’ solidarity with the family of George Floyd and with all those who are struggling against racism or any other form of prejudice.

We want everyone to know that Leeds is a diverse city that celebrates every single one of its residents and is extremely proud of the wide range of cultures, ethnic backgrounds and differences that make the city the wonderful place it is.

We are therefore asking everyone to underline our solidarity with those peacefully protesting in America by joining us in #8for8

At 8pm on Monday 8th June we would like people across the city to take 8 minutes to do one of the following:

  1. The Namaste greeting outside of your house for 8 mins, this greeting denotes healing, peace, prayer, and a divine spark within each human being
  2. Kneel if you prefer outside of your house for 8 mins
  3. Any other form of activity you would consider peaceful enough to do within the premise of your home for 8 mins
  4. Wear anything purple to stay with the colour of solidarity even if it’s just a little ribbon or lavender flowers around your home.

Again we have arranged for Council buildings to be lit up in purple on Monday; it is important that our communities and those across the world know that their fight is our fight and that we will not stand idly by while injustices are played out.

We do hope you can join us in showing your support and solidarity and would be grateful if you could please share this request with your contacts.

Thank you and stay safe