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Leeds Recycling Energy and Recovery Facility (RERF)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to coronavirus, and the unprecedented impact the virus is having on all our lives, educational visits to the Leeds RERF are temporarily suspended

Education and waste awareness

Leeds City Council in partnership with Veolia Environmental Services (VES) provides educational tours and visits to the state-of-the-art Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (RERF) at Cross Green, Leeds.

In the purpose-built Visitor Centre Veolia provide education about recycling and information about how to reduce your waste. They offer schools and higher education students a waste education programme focusing on waste minimisation and recycling activities. Veolia’s Education and Communications Manager, in partnership
with Leeds City Council waste advisors, provide advice on reducing, reusing and recycling school waste and waste at home or in offices. We offer group tours for approximately two hours at the RERF Facility.

Secondary School Fact Files

In partnership with Leeds City Council Veolia have prepared 5 Secondary School Fact Files aimed at Key stage 3 and 4 students (11-16 yrs). The Fact Files have been designed to complement the national curriculum and are to accompany school visits to the RERF. They can be used pre- or post- visit to the RERF and are available to download at:

For a booking form please email 

For further information contact: Steve Ruse. Lead Sustainable School consultant. Mob: 07891 275297. E-mail: