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It is essential that schools listen to voices, views and experiences of children and young people and put them at the heart of decision making in school. We have a broad range of products, resources and toolkits to add value to your school provision. 

Annual pupil perception survey:

  • My Health, My School Survey - an anonymous pupil perception survey asking children and young people a number of questions in order to generate vital data on the health and wellbeing of these individuals.
      • The My Health, My School survey is available to all schools in Leeds, and East Sussex, at no cost.
      • Schools from outside of Leeds or East Sussex can register to use the survey for £250+VAT or for a reduced cost as part of one of our Service Level Agreements. 


Pupil Leadership toolkits:

  • School MindMate Ambassadors - encouraging pupils to take a more proactive role in improving the emotional health of their school (available for Leeds schools only);
  • School  Food Ambassadors  - helping schools to improve school food through the eyes of the child (available nationally);
  • Mini Sport's Leaders  - developing children’s leadership skills to organise and deliver small sided games and activities within curricular and extra-curricular time (available nationally).
  • Coming soon... Developing your School Council toolkit... 


In-school training with pupils in Leeds:

  • Postive Playtime Practice training - a targeted intervention led by pupils and midday supervisors to transform the daily wellbeing behaviuors of everyone in the school playground.


  • Green/ Eco Team training - supporting Leeds City Council declared climate emergency (March 2019) through offering pupil participation training for your schools' Green/Eco-team!

In light of the climate emergency and students striking for climate action it is clear that many pupils are passionate to learn more about ways in which they can make a difference. An hour long Green/Eco-Team training session for pupils provides a timely opportunity to gain some important reflection time to focus on how they might work together to make a difference.  As well as helping your pupils to understand the current climate emergency they will also learn some simple activities that the whole school community can do to play their part in improving sustainability, specifically:

• What an Eco-Team is and how it should be run?
• The role of an Eco-Team member?
• Support available to schools?, and
• What is Leeds' Big Climate Conversation?

Events for pupils in Leeds:

Some of the city's passionate students attended Leeds' inaugural Youth Summit on Climate in February 2020 - with over 100 students from 16 Leeds secondary schools and colleges coming together to participate in a Q&A session with senior Leeds decision-makers on a range of issues.

A direct consequence of the 'Youth Summit on Climate' was a commitment to provide guidance and advice for young people on what action could be taken at school, at home and in the community available at To complement this toolkit a 'Climate Action Route Map' (CARM) for schools and settings has been made available to support school senior leadership teams to effectively implement high quality Climate action education in school. The Climate Action Routemap can be downloaded from our resources section.

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