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15 June 2020

A set of 5 lessons suitable for remote online teaching, as well as use in the classroom. The purpose of the Challenge is to support 11-15-year secondary school students understand where they can save energy and reduce carbon emissions in their everyday lives.

The lessons explain the connection between energy use and climate change through exploring renewable electricity, low carbon travel and home energy efficiency. Students are then able to create their own personal energy saving action plan to empower them, their classmates or families to become energy saving champions as they reduce their energy consumption.

Mike Thornton OBE, Energy Saving Trust’s CEO, said: “Our aim in creating the Energy Schools Saving Challenge is to help young people learn how their and their families’ choices really do make an impact on the world we all live in.

“Reducing energy consumption across all aspects of our lives does make a positive difference and help address the climate emergency we face”.

Sarah Anderson, a teacher and year 10 tutor, commented, ”Schools are keen to play their part in tackling the climate emergency and teachers always welcome well produced resources to support classroom and online learning.

”These resources have been developed with teachers and students in mind and this set of materials is helpful for teachers looking for independent and authoritative resources for secondary school aged students.”

The lessons are free and available to download from Energy Saving Trust’s website and from the teaching resource site, together with notes of guidance to assist teachers, parents and caregivers in delivering them.