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14 July 2020

From that ‘In Your Shoes’ conference for young people with long term conditions the children and young people agreed the following 7 outcomes to make a difference in schools and support their attendance:

  1. A link member of staff  who understands their condition and needs
  2. Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP) to  support their needs
  3. Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP) to be shared with all relevant staff
  4. All staff to have an awareness and understanding of different medical conditions
  5. When not in school due to their condition ensure there is regular two way communication
  6. Automated letters and texts not be sent to parents - more understanding and supportive approach
  7. To be recognised for attendance – not excluded from attendance rewards 

The education experience of the young people and the changes they feel would make a difference are captured within this video. Please click on the video link

A number of products were developed by a working group of Leeds Children’s Hospital and Leeds City Council to support schools to achieve these recommendations and working in partnership with parents and carers:

Guide for schools

“Guidance and good practice recommendations on the recording of school attendance for children and young people with short and long term medical conditions” 

Guide for parents and carers

“Guidance for children and young people with long term medical/mental health conditions in Leeds schools”.

Guide for medical professionals

“This guide is held with Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust”

Individual Health Care Plan

“A blank temple of an Individual Health Care Plan

Example of a completed IHCP

Example of a child’s completed IHCP with a long term medical condition

Template of a Rescue/Emergency Plan (IHCP)

A blank template to complete for rescue/emergency situations

For further information please contact

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