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SRE Support Sessions for Primary and Secondary - Book Now !!

The Health and Wellbeing Service currently offers a range of direct delivery support to both primary and secondary pupils, on a range of SRE topics.
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Learning through play in Leeds

Play is an essential way of developing language and literacy but it doesn’t have to be complicated or structured. We spoke to parents in Leeds and asked them how play is helping their babies and young children to develop the key skills needed for a great start t...
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Good progress but more to do: teenage pregnancy and young parents

Good progress but more to do: teenage pregnancy and young parents published by LGA and PHE 3 February 2016 It is over 15 years since the then government launched its Teenage Pregnancy Strategy in response to England having one of the highest teenage ...
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National Teenage Pregancy Midwifery Network newsletter

Click here for the Autumn issue of the National Teenage Pregancy Midwifery Network newsletter. In this issue: • Results from the Family Nurse Partnership trial • Including young fathers • Research: body image, psycho-social suppor...
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Leeds Sexual Health website - New Resource

The website now has a new page on typical contraceptive effectiveness (i.e. ranking the methods in order of how good they are when you take into account user error): The page has the ...
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Teenage Pregnancy & Parenthood Team Annual Report

Teenage Pregnancy & Parenthood Team are pleased to share their team's Annual Report for 2013 -2014
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