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01 December 2022

At a time when we’re facing increasing challenges including the rising cost of living, energy crisis and the climate crisis, we need creative solutions the most. We are looking for any ideas that address any of the climate challenges West Yorkshire faces, i.e. tackling the decline of our natural environment, the transition to clean energy, efficient energy use or increasing flood resilience. 

Whilst solutions will require technical know-how from experts, the ideas behind them can come from anywhere - particularly those most affected!

This prize is open to 16 to 26 year-olds to use their unique experiences and perspectives to generate new ideas to address the challenges that are affecting them and their communities. It creates an opportunity to bring young people together with experts and businesses to build, not only innovation ecosystems, but exciting ideas into viable business opportunities.

Who can take part?

Any 16-26 year olds currently living, working or studying within West Yorkshire. That’s it.

  • You don’t have to have a fully formed idea - we’ll help you shape this as we go through the competition.
  • You don’t need certain qualifications - this isn’t based on education or work experience. We’re all experts of our own experience and have valuable contributions to make.
  • You do need passion and enthusiasm - we will be looking for can-do, self-motivated attitude and commitment to go through the process.

Ready to change the world?

Then it's time to share your ideas.

For further information go to:

Application deadline is 22nd January 2023