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1-1 Mentoring Support:  This support is available, at no cost, to secondary schools and settings across the city, who work with young people aged 11- 18. 

The team have supported young people on a 1-1 basis since 2001. As mentioned on the main page the approach used by the team is in line with the Leeds Practice Model. This allows the team to work with the young people in a resilience focused way.  We will support any young person who is: 

  • Showing signs of risky health behaviours including self-harm; drug and alcohol misuse; child sexual exploitation; harmful sexual behaviour
  • Showing signs of anxiety, or depression
  • Needing support with increasing confidence, resilience and social skills
  • Showing signs of poor emotional health and wellbeing
  • Showing a decrease in attendance and attainment or has a history of low attendance and attainment
  • Showing difficulties in identifying and establishing healthy relationships
  • Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic the team have expanded the referral criteria to include NEET and Covid related attendance issues.


How to refer

If you would like to make a referral, please email adding '1-1 support' in to the title. 


Feedback from schools and young people

'It has been extremely beneficial for XXXXXX who has responded well to the face-to-face sessions, and whilst she still has 'blips' is better able to regulate herself and discuss how she is feeling without it escalating to the point where she requires physical support or is extremely distressed.' 



“If it hadn’t been for the SPT team I never would have applied to college and wouldn’t be thinking about university”

Post 16 student