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HENRY – A healthy start for a brighter future have been commissioned in Leeds for 10 years, initially focussing on the HENRY (Health, Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young) parent group programme for parents of under 5’s. We are delighted to bring the HENRY 5-12 programme to schools, communities, and families across Leeds. This webpage will tell you all you need to know about how you can get involved and how HENRY could make a difference.

Outline of the 5-12 parent course

The HENRY 5-12 programme is an 8 week course delivered by local HENRY facilitators for up to 12 parents. The aim of this programme is to train a number of staff to become accredited HENRY facilitators to deliver the 5-12 HENRY Healthy Families: Growing Up programme. Programmes focus on building parents’ confidence and strengths and explores key themes such as; emotional well-being, whole family lifestyle habits, mealtimes, TV, sleep, food, parenting and physical activity. Programmes can be delivered in schools, settings, community venues or online, providing flexibility for parents and carers.

The aim is to increase the number of healthy weight children and decrease health inequalities across our city. The programme will be coordinated by the Health and Wellbeing Service. Programmes will be delivered through partnerships with schools and community groups.

Who is HENRY for?

The programme will be targeted for families with overweight children or those at risk of overweight. It will be prioritised in areas of the city with the highest levels of obesity from data, collected as part of the National Child Measurement Programme.

There is, however, no referral criteria for the programme and all requests from schools, community groups or parents to take part will be considered, subject to capacity and availability.

How can my school or organisation host a parent programme?

Please contact to find out more about hosting a parent programme at your school, community group, setting or organisation. You can also attend one of our informaiton events to find out more and be offered priority.


Upcoming courses

Bramley Resource Centre, LS13 3DQ: starting 15 September, Fridays 09:30-11:30 am

Swarcliffe Primary School, LS14 5JW: starting 27 September, Wednesdays 13:00-15:00 pm

Beeston Primary School, LS11 8PN: starting 03 October 2023, Tuesdays 09:30 - 11:30 am

Broomfield School, LS10 3JP: starting 12 October 2023, Thursdays 09:30 - 11:30 am  

Raynville Primary School, LS13 2TQ: November 2023 TBC 

Shakespeare Primary School, LS9 7NP: October 2023 TBC

How to register parents for a course or express interest

If you would like to refer a parent/carer with their consent, please complete the online form below

HENRY Referral Form - ONLINE

You can also download a word version of the form at the link below and return to 

HENRY Referral Form

We can add them to a waiting list for the next suitable programme. Parents/carers can also self-referr caby completing one of the above forms.

Parents can visit our parent's page to find out more. You can also share this page directly with your parents or add a link to your own school/service website! 


Becoming trained to deliver HENRY 5-12

Schools staff can also take part in a comprehensive training programme to become expert HENRY 5-12 facilitators and continue to deliver courses in-school. This will help to ensure that HENRY is sustainable, and more parents/carers can benefit from attending courses.

The training is made up of two full days to complete the HENRY core training, followed by two full days to complete the group facilitation training. The training is fully funded and worth the equivalent of £1000.

If you would like to find out more, you can attend an information session or get in touch at .

Is there a cost?

HENRY 5-12 is a commissioned programme for Leeds with the core aim of increasing the number of children and families who are a healthy weight.There is no cost for parents to attend a course either face to face or virtually.

There is also no cost for a school, setting or community group to host a course. This includes resources and two HENRY facilitators to deliver the course. For face-to-face courses, we kindly ask that schools provide a suitable venue and refreshments.

We would also ask for a key contact (HENRY Champion) in your setting to liaise with our service and support with parent recruitment and communications. Your HENRY Champion may also be expected to attend some of the parent course to support a positive experience and help build relationships between parents and your own school.

If your HENRY Champion would like to become training as a Facilitator, this opportunity is also fully funded and the training they will received is worth up to £1,000. The skills they will receive are invaluable!

HENRY under 5’s Healthy Families programme

This 8 week parent group course is for parents with children aged five years old and under. For further information please contact:

  • Leeds community healthcare SPA number 0113 8435683 – for any professional or parent
  • Or contact your local children’s centre


Contact details for further information

Contact to find out more about any of the content on this webpage.