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HENRY – A healthy start for a brighter future have been commissioned in Leeds for 10 years, initially focussing on the HENRY (Health, Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young) parent group programme for parents of under 5’s. We are delighted to bring the HENRY 5-12 programme to schools, communities, and families across Leeds. This webpage will tell you all you need to know about how you can get involved and how HENRY could make a difference.

The HENRY approach

The HENRY approach focuses on how we can create a supportive environment for families; building relationships trust and respect, working in partnership – so not urging people to make changes when they’re not sure they want to, and really helping parents to do that thinking about changes they want to make for themselves. HENRY takes a solution-focused approach to help parents decide on own goals. This helps build confidence and readiness to change.

HENRY family support works – 97% of families who join a HENRY family programme are leading a healthier lifestyle by the programme's end. Independent academic evaluation has shown that families make long term lifestyle changes, and parents themselves often describe our support as ‘life-changing’. One mum said “We have become closer. We listen and interact more and sit together at mealtimes."

Visit to find out more about the national HENRY programme and evidence base.

Outline of the 5-12 parent course

The HENRY 5-12 programme is an 8 week course delivered by local HENRY facilitators for up to 12 parents. Courses focus on building your confidence and strengths as a parent, and explores key themes such as; emotional well-being, whole family lifestyle habits, mealtimes, TV, sleep, food, parenting and physical activity. Courses can be delivered in schools, settings, community venues or online, providing flexibility.  

Who is HENRY for?

Any family who is looking to make changes together to be healthier and happier can request a free place. HENRY is ideal for families who are looking to eat better, become a healthier weight, be more physically active or those who are looking for support with family life.

There is, however, no referral criteria for the programme and all requests from parents to take part will be considered, subject to availability.

 Upcoming parent courses

Spaces on courses are usually allocated for parents/carers who attend the school or setting where the course is hosted. To find out more about any of the courses below or if there is space to attend, please get in touch at or you can contact the school directly.

Course 1
Venue: St Bartholemews Primary School
Start date: Wednesday 6th October, 09:15-11:15am

Course 2
Venue: Westwood Primary School
Start date: Thursday 14th October, 09:15-11:15am

Course 3
Venue: Hunslet Moor Primary School
Start date: Tuesday 2nd November, 09:15-11:15am


How to register for a course or express interest

If you would like to register for a course or find out more, please complete this expression of interest and return to

Is there a cost?

There is no cost for parents to attend a course either face to face or virtually.

HENRY under 5’s Healthy Families programme

This 8 week parent group course is for parents with children aged five years old and under. For further information please contact:

  • Leeds community healthcare SPA number 0113 8435683 – for any professional or parent
  • Or contact your local children’s centre


Contact details for further information

Contact to find out more about any of the content on this webpage

For information and fun activities for eating well and being active as a please visit