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Leeds Primary School Clean Air Toolkit KS1 and KS2: 

This toolkit has been designed by Leeds City Council in partnership with London Sustainability Exchange to help you promote sustainable travel to school by teaching your pupils about Air Quality. The toolkit supports your school travel plan, contributes to Modeshift STARS and Healthy Schools Initiative and helps Leeds reduce its carbon emissions and work towards becoming a carbon neutral city.
We will help you and your pupils find out the answers to the following questions:
• What is air quality?
• How does it affect us?
• How do we measure it?
• Can we make a difference?
We have divided up this toolkit into four sections: explore, experiment, analyse and take
action. All of our sections go together as a full unit of work, but we have left room for you to be flexible if you just have time for a lesson or two.

Leeds Clean Air Toolkit KS1

Leeds Clean Air Toolkit KS2