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NHS Leeds CCG has launched a campaign aimed at promoting awareness of female genital mutilation and encouraging young women to seek help from NHS specialist services for FGM survivors. 

FGM is the practice of deliberately cutting, injuring, or altering a female’s genitals – also known as cutting, bondo, sunna and tahur. FGM is usually carried out on young girls, between infancy and age 15 for cultural, religious and social reasons, as a preparation for marriage or to preserve virginity. There is no medical reason why this should be done. Those who survive cutting often have to live with long lasting health problems – chronic pain, infection, difficulties with childbirth or sexual health. Many women also experience emotional problems too – anxiety, flashbacks, fear for themselves or their younger sisters and daughters.

The Blossom Clinic in Leeds supports survivors of FGM, providing physical, emotional and advocacy support in a safe environment with specialist staff.

As well as a social media campaign, materials have been developed for use by teachers and community champions.  These have been developed in collaboration with FGM survivors, teachers and the team at Blossom Clinic to ensure the messaging and information is appropriate.

This teachers’ pack includes a PowerPoint presentation containing information on what FGM is, the warning signs to look out for and where support is available.  The pack can be used to deliver sessions for staff and students.  It can be tailored to the age and needs of students as required: slides can be removed and text in each slide can be edited.

We would love to hear your feedback on any sessions you have run, either with teaching staff or students.  Please find attached an evaluation feedback form.

If you have any queries, please contact:

  • Cohorts KS4, KS5
  • Categories Curriculum/teaching, Statutory Guidance, Planning
  • Audiences Teachers, Governors, School Staff
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