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About PSHE Friendly  

PSHE Friendly outlines best practice in: 

  • personal, social and health and economic (PSHE) education 
  • relationships, sex and health education (RSHE)


Why become a PSHE Friendly School? 

Receive recognition for your commitment to: 

  • providing high quality, regular and age appropriate PSHE and RSHE to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for pupils 
  • delivering a curriculum that meets the needs of the pupils and school community whilst meeting the statutory guidance.
  • embedding a whole school approach to PSHE and the wider curriculum


What does your school need to do to become PSHE Friendly? 

This programme works in the same way as the Leeds Healthy Schools programme in that there are 2 stages to the process. The first is gaining self-validated PSHE Friendly Status and the second is gaining externally validated PSHE Friendly Status.   

You must be able to demonstrate that the school: 

  • meets the statutory guidance in relation to the curriculum
  • uses pupil voice to ensure that the curriculum is needs led 
  • has invested in leadership and training
  • has a clear vision/action for the future
  • has reached good or outstanding in each of the ten strands of the PSHE theme on the School Health Check - self-validated PSHE Friendly status    
  • has a successful visit to externally validate your PSHE Friendly status.


Who can become a PSHE Friendly school/setting?

Schools/settings with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Health and Wellbeing Service are able to work towards becoming PSHE Friendly as part of their package. 

Schools without an SLA have the option to purchase the PSHE theme on the Healthy Schools website, and work towards self-validated status only or complete the whole programme and become externally validated. For further infomration including pricing please email 


How long does it take?  

We do not set timescales. The PSHE theme, on the School Health Check, can be changed and updated as many times as it needs to be before submission.  


Do I get guidance?  

Your PSHE/Healthy Schools consultant/advisor will provide you with support to complete this process. Please contact your consultant directly, alternatively email   

For those schools without a Service Level Agreement, please email to request support.  


How do I know if I’ve been successful?  

Once you have submitted the PSHE theme, a member of the service will quality assure your submission and if successful, you will receive a self-validated PSHE Friendly certificate and logo. 

If a school chooses to advance onto becoming an externally validated PSHE Friendly school, then a visit will take place which will involve, a tour of the school, discussions with the PSHE lead, the headteacher/member of Senior Leadership Team and a cross section of pupils, as well as surveys for parents, staff and governors. Following these conversations, you will be informed as to whether you have been successful in achieving externally validated PSHE Friendly status.    


After you become a PSHE Friendly school 

Self-validated PSHE Friendly 

We’ll send you: 

  • a certificate and logo to use on your website or letterheads


Externally validated PSHE Friendly 

We’ll send you: 

  • logo to use on your website or letterheads
  • a certificate
  • a report


For further information email   Alternatively, contact your PSHE and Healthy Schools advisor/consultant.