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Oh Lila - Risk & resilience and drug education for primary schools.

Oh Lila is the story of Lila, an adventurous young hare who breaks the rules and gets herself into trouble before seeking help from the wise old hare. The resource is suitable for use with children age 3 to 6 years. Oh Lila aims to build resilience and protective factors. In realising these aims we can help children and young people develop skills which can protect them from the consequences of living with a family member that drinks too much and could in the longer term reduce their risk of developing alcohol problems.

This eLearning is suitable for anyone who has previously attended this training and would just like a refresher on the resource and themes. It can be watched at a time convenient to you, as many times as you like.


Audio video duration: 20 minutes.
If you have any specific accessibility requirements please contact

The Oh Lila learning resource aims to help children to:

• Develop social skills,
• Know that they can go to a trusted adult for help,
• Understand who that trusted adult might be,
• Understand that asking for help is a positive behaviour,
• Explore a range of emotions in a sensitive and safe environment.

The Oh Lila resource pack provides a range of materials based on the characters and themes of the Oh Lila story and is a flexible and interactive tool that can be used in schools and nurseries working with children to empower them to seek help, be able to identify adults who can provide that help and to assist in the development of new skills which will help build resilience.


• To refresh your knowledge of Oh Lila and the resource materials associated with the story,
• To refresh your knowledge and skills to use the resources to engage and communicate with children and families,
• To refresh your knowledge of the key themes covered in Oh Lila.


Helen Lord

Booking information

This eLearning training is available from 2nd September 2020 to 31st August 2025.

There is no cost for this eLearning module, however it can only be undertaken by delegates who have previously attended 'Oh Lila' training and have access to the 'Oh Lila' resource.

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