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07 January 2020

A new guide for primary schools on how to deliver an LGBT-inclusive curriculum has been published today by LGBT charity Stonewall, with support from Pearson.

Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Primary Curriculum contains practical tips and lesson ideas so that teachers can easily and confidently incorporate LGBT people and families into all subjects, spanning from maths to geography.

Some of the practical steps covered in the guide include a helpful glossary for pupils and staff, example lesson plans, and tips on how to build LGBT role models into the curriculum such as studying the works of artist Frida Kahlo. It also advises simply giving examples in lessons that refer to different families, for example: ‘Mark’s dads increase his pocket money by 10%. If Mark had £2 before the increase, how much pocket money does he have now?’

The guide comes 10 months before all primary schools will be required to teach about what safe and healthy relationships look like, as well as different types of families, as part of the new regulations for teaching Relationships and Sex Education in England.

Click here to view and download the guide.