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Body Image parent pack and teaching resources available

Developed to align with (Equalities Minister) Lynne Featherstone's campaign on Body Confidence. This campaign looks at the portrayal of people in the media - including the preference for the use of certain body types and its impact on young girls and boys.
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Fast food 'linked to depression'

A Spanish study that looked at how 9,000 people’s consumption of fast food and baked goods found that people who consumed the most fast food and baked good were 37% more likely to become depressed over a six-year period than people with the lowest consumption.
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Time to stop stigmatising mental health problems at school

A headteacher asks: is "mental" the new "gay"? One in ten children between the ages of one and 15 has a mental health disorder so surely it's time to take a serious look at how the language we use stigmatises mental health problems
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Study highlights vulnerable groups more at risk of bullying and that self & parent reporting reduces repeated bullying.

The Department for Children, School and Families commissioned the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) to analyse the data on bullying from the Longitudinal Survey of Young People in England (LSYPE).
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Child & Adolescent Self-Harm in Europe (CASE) Study reveals UK to have second worse rates of self harm (14 - 17 age range) in Europe

The prevalence of deliberate self-harm varied considerably between the countries. Belgium demonstrated the highest prevalence (7.3%), England the next highest (6.7%) and the Netherlands ranked lowest (2.7%). Across all countries, girls consistently showed a ...
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Study shows links between sleep and emotional regulation

Research from the University of Michigan in the United States, published during the summer, found that school bullies and aggressive pupils were much more likely to be the pupils who did not get enough sleep or who were suffering from sleep disorders.
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Coaching Leeds

Coaching Leeds Click here for the latest list of successfully vetted coaches
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