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Parent Zone Free Three-Month Membership

Parent Zone will be offering free three-month membership to access their resources. See their full statement here:

“Everyone at Parent Zone hopes you are well. We wish you all the best whether you’re working from home, awaiting school closures or self-isolating. As an organisation our focus has always been on helping families flourish in a connected world. Our task seems particularly relevant right now. For the next few weeks (possibly months), families will be stuck at home. Children and teenagers will inevitably turn to the digital world for entertainment and escapism as well as for learning and staying in touch.

That offers tremendous opportunities for innovation and creativity, but inevitably new levels of risk. We want to do everything we can to support our community – and one of the most practical and immediate things we can do is to offer a free three-month Parent Zone membership to all schools and organisations that work with families. We want to help you support the parents you work with and membership is packed with ways in which you can do that. We know parents turn to schools for help when things happen online and that won't be as easy for them for a while – but schools can still provide support through membership. 

Membership gives you access to a wealth of resources you can share with families to help them be more digitally resilient. The Digital Schools Members’ Area includes free access to an online advice and learning hub for your school’s parents, plus a range of resources for teachers including lesson plans, policy documents, training videos, classroom posters and briefings. “The vast array of resources is benefitting the pupils, older students and their parents whilst enabling staff to stay up-to-date with current trends in the technology world,” says one of our members.

The Digital Resilience Members’ Area offers an extensive selection of resources to assist local authorities, youth workers and family professionals in helping families stay safe online. The Parent Lounge is our specialist area that your parents can access, packed full of resources to help families boost children's digital resilience, and keep them safe online. This includes our groundbreaking Parenting in the Digital Age and Resilient Families online courses as well as access to our expert Helpline.

We’ll be adding lots of content especially for members, to help families cope with self-isolation, with plenty of practical advice on how to navigate and make the most of our increased reliance on digital platforms and communication. We’ll also continue (of course) to publish articles on Parent Info, our free service providing support and guidance on a range of subjects on schools’ own websites, and on the Parent Zone website. Click here then choose either Digital Schools or Digital Resilience. Click the Add to cart button then complete the membership form.

On the payment screen, you’ll see a box labelled Coupon code, into which you can enter your free three-month membership code: Free219June for Digital Schools and Free-19June for Digital Resilience. Please enter the code and click the ‘add coupon’ button. When returning to the Members’ Area in future, simply login by clicking here or following the details on the Parent Zone homepage, then enter your login details.

Forgotten your details? Don’t worry – you can email or call us on 0207 686 7225 with any membership questions.

We’ll continue to update you regularly about the great new resources we’ll be publishing and would welcome suggestions as to what content might be most useful for you at this time.

Click here for more information.”


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