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Leeds Wellbeing surveys for schools and settings support Ofsted’s interim School visits

Since the closure of schools to the majority of pupils (March 20th) as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic there has been a growing conversation on ‘pupil wellbeing’ in Leeds that led to collaborative work between a number of Children and Families’ Services, including The Health and Wellbeing Service and Educational Psychologists, to develop a dedicated set of Wellbeing surveys.

The resultant free surveys support and guide schools (and services) to identify where intervention and support is most required to best establish and support pupils’ SEMH needs following their return to school. Survey completion is voluntary and surveys will remain available until July 2021, as they may prove useful for supporting pupils as and when they re-integrate into school following a prolonged period of absence. The Wellbeing surveys comprise questions on pupils’:

  • emotional/mental health
  • physical health
  • experiences during lock down
  • change, loss and bereavement
  • relationships, and
  • support available to pupils/students

Tailored versions of the Wellbeing surveys were produced for Early Years/Key Stage 1 (parents/teachers may complete on behalf of children), Primary (Key Stage 2), Secondary, Post 16 and a Parents/Carers survey.

The latter was developed for schools and settings posing questions about family wellbeing during, and after, lockdown with answers providing an insight into how schools/settings might best be able to support pupil wellbeing going forward.

Following the announcement of Ofsted’s interim school visits (beginning in October) in which HMI will explore how leaders are returning pupils to the curriculum; behaviour and routines including those for attendance, specific health and wellbeing issues and safeguarding and how these are informed by relevant guidance there is clearly an opportunity for the Wellbeing surveys to inform what Chris Russell, Acting National Director, Education, has described as “a good constructive conversation with schools and college leaders and telling the wider world how this generation of young people is getting back to learning.”

The positive contribution the Wellbeing surveys have to make to this conversation is re-iterated through what has been learned from the experience of one Leeds schools from just one such Ofsted pilot visit last week when, on the day, the school were asked questions on:

  • How COVID-19 has affected pupils
  • The numbers involved and the primary needs of pupils
  • How the school is keeping in touch with parents
  • Were the LA supportive? And, if so, how?
  • What are the school’s current priorities at the moment?
  • How is the school managing anxiety of pupils and parents?, and
  • Examples of any interventions put in place to enable attendance

Schools can access the Wellbeing surveys as follows:

- Parent/Carer survey

- Early Years/KS1 survey 

- Primary (KS2), Secondary and Post 16 survey: email


V6 27 July 2021 Early Years Wellbeing Survey Results 

V6 27 July 2021 Parents and Carers Wellbeing Survey Results

V6 27 July 2021 Pupil Wellbeing Survey Results

Additional Documents

- Leeds Wellbeing surveys for schools and settings support Ofsted’s interim School visits (Word Version)