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Pol-Ed is a West Yorkshire Police education programme, written by teachers for teachers in schools across West Yorkshire. Its purpose is to keep children safe by developing their understanding of risks, consequences and the law and to develop their resilience and ability to help and support each other.

Resources within Pol-Ed include lesson plans and schemes of work, although lessons can be used to suit your school’s needs. They can be adapted for use in response to situations or for different year groups.
The programme links directly to the PSHE scheme of work, covering learning objectives across each of the three core themes; health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world.

Pol-Ed aims to support teachers in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes in their children which they need in order to make positive choices in potentially challenging or dangerous situations. It encourages them to become active thinkers and supportive bystanders to their friends within school, and the wider community.

All children are potentially at risk and all children deserve to know how to protect themselves, to understand the benefits of supporting each other and to know how to get help if they need to.

Schools have a key role to play in imparting this information and, through Pol-Ed, West Yorkshire Police aims to support schools in getting key safety messages across to children in an age appropriate manner and which builds their resilience and confidence to be successful and protected from harm in today’s society.

Pol-Ed will be available on our new website, with all schools and teachers being able to access the resources from August 2021.

There are no cost implications at all. Pol-Ed is completely free for schools in West Yorkshire.

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