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Please note all face to face training has been suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions. We are currently developing a number of eLearning and live on-line courses so please watch this space...

Virtual: Whole School Personal, Social, Health, Economic (PSHE) Curriculum including Assessment.
Course length: Skype/Online Meeting
Theme: PSHE
Date: 04 March, 2021 10:30

Ensure your curriculum meets statutory requirements and is fit for purpose. This course is for all primary staff planning to deliver and assess Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education as part of a whole school curriculum, including the new statutory framework for Relationships Education and Health Education.

Virtual: Secondary and Post 16 Teacher Training in Relationships and Sex Education.
Course length: Skype/Online Meeting
Theme: PSHE
Date: 23 March, 2021 09:30

Delivered by Acet UK, as part of the 'Esteem' education programme. Acet UK, strongly advocate that young people should have access to high quality information that enables them to see how precious and unique they are and to empower them to make positive, healthy and well thought-out choices in life. Acet UK is a national leading charity in delivering education and training in the area of relationships and sexual health.

Rory Training: Drug Education for Key Stage 1 & 2
Course length: Half day
Theme: PSHE
Date: 06 May, 2021 09:30

A primary storybook resource to help children understand parental alcohol misuse. The Rory resource can help children understand the feelings they might experience when living with someone who has an alcohol problem and encourages them to speak to a trusted adult.

Virtual: Effective Leadership & Management of PSHE
Course length: Skype/Online Meeting
Theme: PSHE
Date: 07 May, 2021 10:30

Supporting successful leadership and management of Personal, Social, Health, Economic (PSHE) education. This course is ideal for primary and secondary Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education subject leaders, who may be new or recently appointed to the role or simply desire further support and clarification on ways in which to lead others and move PSHE forward in their school. You will gain an insight into the roles and responsibilities of a PSHE leader.

Virtual: Delivering Primary Relationships and Sex Education with Confidence
Course length: Skype/Online Meeting
Theme: PSHE
Date: 13 May, 2021 09:15

Increase your confidence in teaching Relationships and Sex Education whilst ensuring you meet the new statutory requirements. From September 2020, all primary schools must provide Relationships Education & Health Education. In June 2019, the Department for Education launched the statutory guidance to accompany the introduction of this compulsory education. This course will support you in preparing for the statutory changes in this field and increase your confidence in teaching Relationships and Sex Education lessons.

Risk & Resilience and Drug Education for Primary Schools - Oh Lila!
Course length: Full day
Theme: PSHE
Date: 17 June, 2021 09:30

Empower children to seek help and assist children in the development of new skills which will help build resilience. Oh Lila is the story of Lila, an adventurous young hare who breaks the rules and gets herself into trouble before seeking help from the wise old hare. The moral of Lila’s story is that if children get into trouble or make a mistake, it is always better to speak to someone they trust to help them. The story aims to build resilience and protective factors. It promotes social support through raising awareness of how to resolve a problem and develops the self-belief to do so. Whilst the resource does not mention alcohol, it has been primarily developed to support children and young people who are affected by someone else's drinking. However, it can easily be used as a basis to introduce issues such as female genital mutilation (FGM), child sexual exploitation and domestic violence, through encouraging children to talk to someone they trust if they are worried. The Oh Lila resource pack provides a range of materials based on the characters and themes of the Oh Lila story and is a flexible and interactive tool that can be used whilst working with children to empower them to seek help, be able to identify adults who can provide that help and to assist in the development of new skills which will help build resilience.