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Review and update your Secondary SRE & PSHE Policies


This course is intended for all secondary schools. It will update schools on the latest developments within SRE and PSHE and allow schools to update their policy to reflect this.


The law (Education Act 1996) states that ‘All schools must provide an up to date policy that describes the content and organisation of the Sex and Relationships Education provided outside the National Curriculum.’

RSE (relationships and sex education) is due to go statutory in September 2019 therefore it is vital that schools are prepared for this and an up to date SRE policy is a key starting point.This course gives secondary schools the opportunity to review and update their SRE & PSHE policies. It will update schools on the latest developments within these areas and allow schools to update their policies to reflect this. In consultation with schools and other key stakeholders, the Health and Wellbeing Service has created brand new and improved separate model policies for both SRE and PSHE which will be shared at this training event. The policies are in line with all the most relevant law and guidance, both local and national, so schools can be sure they have included everything that is required. Delegates will be given the model policies and have the opportunity to start working on them at the event. 


The course will provide delegates with the opportunity to:
  • Explore ways in which to review and update the existing policies to match the setting and needs of the individual school/setting and its pupils
  • Update on the latest developments within SRE and PSHE, including statutory status
  • Allow delegates to start working on updating their policies to reflect these new developments
  • Signpost the support available from the Health and Wellbeing Service in updating the policies
  • Identify further training / support available to schools


  • Course length: Full day
  • Theme: PSHE

We currently have no upcoming events for this course.