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Happy, Healthy Lunchtimes

Here in Leeds we have responded to the launch of the new Professional Standards by LACA, which aim to raise the profile and skills of such important people who play a fundamental role in the school day.  Once catering staff have served the food, the midday supervisors are the only person between the child and their school lunch.

The 2015 Ofsted school inspection handbook also states that inspectors will be making judgements during the lunchtimes and assessing behaviour.  This course will help to ensure your staff are prepared and able to ensure your lunchtimes are a calm, happy and organised environment.

This event is also relevant for senior leadership to disseminate back in school.

This event will cover the following topics:

• How to promote and encourage healthy eating in the dining room
• How to promote a happy, calm and organised dining environment
• The new Professional Standards and Ofsted criteria
• Low cost, no cost dining room improvements
• Effective and efficient queuing systems
• Structured play times and activity during lunch
• The School Food Standards
• Monitoring of food consumption




  • Course length: Half day
  • Theme: Healthy Eating

We currently have no upcoming events for this course.