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Virtual: Rory Training - Drug Education for Key Stage 1 & 2.

Rory is a resource aimed at primary school children. The resource pack is based on the Rory storybook which tells the story of a dog who can’t understand why his owner is acting a certain way, until it’s explained to him that his owner drinks too much alcohol.

For children who are not affected, Rory aims to help children develop empathy for those who are, and they will be able to use the life skills they learn in lots of other ways.

Adults reading the book can also gain a better understanding of the impact of parental alcohol problems from a child’s point of view. The Rory learning resource can be used by anyone who is in a position to raise awareness and respond to issues of parental alcohol problems.

Delegates attending this course will receive a full ‘Rory’ resource pack including the puppet, story and activity pack on a one per school basis (additional packs can purchased at the full £80 cost).

    • Have enhanced awareness and understanding of the problems caused by alcohol,
    • Have greater awareness of the impacts of parental drinking on children,
    • Be able to better identify children who are, or may be, affected by parental drinking,
    • Have a greater awareness of the support available for children affected by parental alcohol use,
    • Have increased confidence and skills in discussing parental alcohol use with a child and managing disclosure about parents drinking.
View and use Rory as a resource to support work with children by:
    • Helping pupils who are living with a problem drinking parent feel less confused or guilty about what is happening,
    • Encouraging pupils to talk to an adult whom they trust,
    • Helping pupils feel compassion or empathy towards other children who may have a difficult home life.
“Rory can help children understand the feelings they might experience when living with someone who has an alcohol problem and encourages children to speak to a trusted adult.”

Primary teachers, HLTAs, TAs, Pastoral staff.
Booking Information:
Health & Wellbeing Service Level Agreement (SLA) credit value = 1 credit.
There is a charge for this training in order to cover the cost of the teaching resource pack.
Breakdown of the prices for the course are as follows:
    • Leeds schools with no SLA: £170. This fee includes 1 delegate place as well as the Rory resource pack (value of pack £80 but subsidised at a price of £40).
    • Leeds schools with a current basic or full SLA with sufficient credits: 1 training credit + £40. This is for 1 delegate place and the Rory resource pack (value of pack £80 but subsidised at a price of £40).
    • The full 'pay as you go' price will be applied if you have insufficient training credits.
    • Non Leeds schools: £210. This fee includes 1 delegate place and the Rory resource pack (value of pack £80).
The discounted resource fee of £40.00 will be raised to any Leeds authority schools with a current Health & Wellbeing Service Level Agreement (SLA), after the training event has taken place.

Please note that face to face training will be delivered in line with current Covid-19 guidelines and as such may be subject to change.

For further information please contact
  • Course length: Skype/Online Meeting
  • Theme: PSHE
Date: Thursday, 06 May 2021 09:30
Venue: Online - Zoom
No SLA Price: £210.00
Full SLA Price: £40.00