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Talking About Children's Weight


Finding the right opportunity and building relationships is key to working with parents and families when it comes to their children’s health, behaviours, emotional wellbeing and academic achievements. Schools can play a key role in supporting and educating children and young people to make positive changes to their lifestyle, choosing healthier food, being more active, in school and at home. Ofsted acknowledge the important role schools have in imparting knowledge for healthier and happier futures.

This course will also support schools in delivering aspects of the new compulsory Health Education Curriculum which states:

"Pupils should know the characteristics of a poor diet and risks associated with unhealthy eating (including, for example, obesity and tooth decay) and other behaviours (e.g. the impact of alcohol on diet or health)."

This practical and engaging course will provide delegates will skills and confidence to be able to raise the issue of weight with parents and work cohesively to empower them to make a change. Locally in Leeds by the time children leave school at year 6, almost one in five children are obese (19.1%) with more than a third (33.5%) overweight or obese (NCMP, 2016-17).

As well as addressing key issues around weight, healthy eating and wellbeing, this course will go deeper to explore emotional aspects of eating and food behaviours. Delegates will be provided with clear information on sign posting and the referrals process for appropriate interventions.  


  • Work towards recommendations and goals with the Childhood Obesity Plan
  • Understand how Change4life and Eatwell messages can support a whole school approach to improve the number of children and young people who are a healthy weight
  • Discuss and practice behaviour change strategies to encourage healthier eating behaviours
  • Understanding the data for your school and cluster around healthy weight (including the National Child Measurement Programme and the My Health My School Survey)
  • Gain confidence and skills in raising the issue of weight and food with pupils and families
  • Explore eating disorders, how to recognise symptoms, referrals & sign posting

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  • Course length: Half day
  • Theme: Healthy Eating

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