Training Courses

Delivering Effective Drug Education (Secondary)

This is a hands-on session for secondary school staff. Delegates will be involved in activities which can be used in the classroom to support the delivery of the more sensitive aspects of drug education.

 Drugs education was identified by Ofsted (May 2013 - Not yet good enough: personal, social, health and economic education in schools report) as an area that needs to still be improved:

 “Most pupils understood the dangers to health of tobacco and illegal drugs but were less aware of the physical and social damage associated with alcohol misuse, including personal safety.”

 Links between this course and the recent Mentor ADEPIS report September 2013 Drug and alcohol education in schools:

 “Drug and alcohol education provision remains inconsistent in delivery across educational establishments within England.”

 The 2017 Drug Strategy also states that:

 “Schools have a key role in helping children and young people to develop the confidence, resilience and risk management skills to resist risky behaviours and recover from setbacks.”

The training will provide delegates with the opportunity to: 

  • increase delegates’ confidence in approaches to teaching the more sensitive aspects of drug education.
  • Consider aspects of confidentiality and matching policy with practice
  • Learn ways to create a safe environment using ground rules and non-negotiable rules, and ways to respond to awkward and/or personal questions
  • law and guidance around the content of the Drug Education curriculum and Drugs.
  • explore elements from the Drug Education units in the Secondary and Post 16 toolkit
  • discuss and demonstrate a selection of resources schools may use to support teaching
  • provide ideas on how to interact and engage with parents around drug and alcohol education
  • explore how active learning methods and increased pupil participation can improve learning outcomes
  • increase awareness of what external support is available to schools

provide the opportunity to discuss any concerns and share ideas on how to alleviate these

  • Course length: Half day
  • Theme: PSHE

We currently have no upcoming events for this course.