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Domestic violence: what can schools do for their pupils?


According to the RCPysch Children dealing with domestic violence and abuse often do badly at school. Their frightening experiences at home make it difficult to concentrate in school, and if they are worried about their abused parent, they may refuse to go to school. There are a range of ways that schools can be effective in both preventing domestic violence and supporting pupils who are victims when it occurs (DCFS 2009).


This course is an interactive, thought-provoking introduction to the topic which allows opportunities for sharing best practice and developing effective, evidence based strategies.


On completion of the session participants will:

    • Have an awareness of domestic violence and its impact on pupils’ emotional wellbeing and school performance
    • Be in a position to implement preventative strategies in school
    • Have an understanding of how to support pupils in their school who have witnessed domestic violence
    • Be able to talk authoritatively to colleagues about domestic violence and thus build capacity within school
    • Be able to offer effective support to pupils who have witnessed domestic violence
    • Receive quality assured resources
    • Have developed a bespoke action plan
    • Possess outcome measures for monitoring action plans


Pastoral leads and staff, SENCOs support workers, classroom teachers
  • Course length: Half day
  • Theme: Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)

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