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Teaching Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Key Stage 2 & 3


This course is available to all teachers delivering to KS2 & KS3.

Given the importance of teachers’ roles and the sensitivity of this subject area, there is an expectation that all applicants have received training on FGM and have a good understanding of the issues and their own professional and legal responsibilities in recognising and responding to FGM. This course will not give factual or background information about FGM itself therefore, if staff have not had training around FGM previously, the Leeds Education & Early Start Safeguarding Team will be delivering training to staff prior to this, in the morning of the same day. Please visit  for further details. 

Course Overview:

Schools play a vital role in protecting and supporting girls at risk of or affected by FGM. From the 31st October 2015, teachers in England and Wales have a duty to report 'known' cases of FGM in under 18s, which they identify in the course of their professional work, to the police. 

The Health and Wellbeing Service have created a set of 4 FGM lesson plans, aimed at KS2 & 3 boys and girls. The lessons provide an opportunity to explore the issue of FGM in a safe, gentle, age-appropriate and culturally sensitive way in the context of who to go to for help, rules and laws, human rights and bodily integrity. Children will learn about the issue in a safe, comfortable space and will be empowered to seek support if they are concerned about their own or a friend’s health and wellbeing. This training will focus specifically on how to teach FGM in the classroom rather than the background to the issue. It will be a hands-on session where staff will have the opportunity to trial some of the activities from the lesson plans. All delegates attending the training will receive a set of the 4 FGM lesson plans.

 Course Aims:  

  • To increase delegates’ confidence in approaches to teaching FGM
  • To explore elements from the Health &  Wellbeing Service’s FGM unit of work
  • To have the opportunity to trial some of the key activities from the sessions in teaching about FGM, including the use of story and puppets
  • To learn ways to create a safe environment using ground rules and non-negotiable rules, as well as answering questions linked to this issue
  • To consider how to introduce/use agreed vocabulary in teaching about FGM
  • To be able to teach about the differences between rules and laws, in relation to FGM
  • To have the opportunity to discuss any concerns and share/suggest ideas for alleviating these concerns

Booking Information:

• £125 for schools with no current Health & Wellbeing SLA
• Please note the cost of this training is not included in our SLA packages.  However, schools with a current basic or full package Health & Wellbeing Service SLA will receive a 50% discount on the cost of the course.


  • Course length: Half day
  • Theme: PSHE

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