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Our digital wellbeing session raises pupil’s awareness of how their online behaviour can affect their mood, safety and physical wellbeing. This session explores digital wellbeing, identifying how screen habits can affect people in positive and negative ways and examines actions pupils can take to manage their own digital wellbeing.

Links to Statutory Relationships and Health Education Guidance

  • the importance of spending time together and sharing each other’s lives.
  • that mental wellbeing is a normal part of daily life, in the same way as physical health.
  • that for most people the internet is an integral part of life and has many benefits;
  • about the benefits of rationing time spent online, the risks of excessive time spent on electronic devices and the;
  • impact of positive and negative content online on their own and others’ mental and physical wellbeing;
  • why social media, some computer games and online gaming, for example, are age restricted;
  • that the internet can also be a negative place where online abuse, trolling, bullying and harassment can take place, which can have a negative impact on mental health;
  • where and how to report concerns and get support with issues online



Prices for these sessions start from £85 for one session.

Schools with a full Health and Wellbeing Service SLA may be entitled to delivery for one year group at no cost.


To request a quote or make a booking please visit the Leeds for Learning, digital wellbeing session page.


'A good way for adults in school to gain more information about health/wellbeing as well as the children'

Teacher YR4