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KS2 Home Learning Lesson - Healthy Eating


This resource comes with a teacher/parents guide and PowerPoint

Overview: This resource provides pupils with an overview and recap of the key healthy eating based around the Eatwell Guide model. It will help pupils to think about why healthy eating is important for themselves and others, at school and at home. The lesson introduces the Eatwell Guide and breaks down each food group to help pupils understand why different foods are good for them and why we need to eat more of some food groups them others. The lesson will also introduce the idea of ensuring meals are balance

Learning objectives

By the end of the lesson pupils will;

  • Understand why healthy eating is important
  • Know the key messages from the Eatwell Guide
  • Learn about each food group, know which types of food belong in each group and how they help to keep us healthy
  • Gain an insight into how to plan and prepare balanced meals


Curriculum links: Learning about healthy eating supports a range of National Curriculum subjects including Cooking & Nutrition (Design & Technology), Science and PSHE. This resource will also support pupils to know the principles of planning and preparing a range of healthy meals as part of the Healthy Eating section in the NEW Health Education curriculum.

  • Theme: Healthy Eating
  • Type: Curriculum/Teaching
  • Cohort: KS2, Primary
  • Audience: Teachers, Parents, Governors
  • Price: FREE
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