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Family Life Lesson Plans

In modern Britain, young people are raised in a variety of households and families come in many forms. The changing nature of relationships and family life means that it is important for students to understand that they have the right to choose a partner, that there are different types of committed relationships, with different rights, responsibilities and legal status.

Schools will also be required to teach about types of relationships, marriage and parenting as part of new statutory RSE requirements, so we are delighted to launch these new lessons and materials for members on family life.

The resource includes three lesson plans and PowerPoints for key stage 4 students, with supporting classroom materials and detailed teacher guidance on how to ensure effective lesson delivery. The lessons will help students to:

  • Recognise different types of relationships and their legal status
  • Understand the unacceptability of forced marriage and how to seek help if they are concerned
  • Analyse different attitudes towards marriage and civil partnerships

Identify the different roles, responsibilities and challenges of being a parent.

PSHE Association Subject Specialist Liz Laming says:

“These lessons equip young people with the knowledge and understanding they need to make future choices about their relationships. Through a wide range of interactive activities, students have the opportunity to engage in debates relevant for life in the 21st century, offer advice to those concerned about forced marriage and analyse and evaluate different aspects of parenting. The lessons are designed to be taught as part of a spiral PSHE curriculum which promotes healthy relationships and parenting.”

Click here to view the lesson plans.

  • Theme: PSHE
  • Type: Curriculum/Teaching
  • Cohort: KS4, Secondary
  • Audience: Teachers, Parents, Governors
  • Price: FREE
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