A Guide for Parents, Carers and Teachers about the Safe and Responsible use of Social Networking Sites.

Social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are very popular with young people, even those who are of primary age.

These types of services allow young people to be creative online and keep in touch with their friends, as well as sharing photos and videos. On some social networks, young people can follow their favourite celebrity which means they can access the content they update and share. However, for parents and carers it’s important to have a look at these services either by creating your own account to try an app out, or by creating an account together with your child to familiarise you with how it works. Most services stipulate a minimum user age of 13, although some interactive services are designed specifically for younger children.

By understanding these services and their potential risks you can help to support your child in choosing an appropriate service and using it in a safe and constructive way, and be able to help them if they need it.

Click here to view Childnet's free guide for parents, carers and teachers about the safe and responsible use of social networking sites.

  • Theme: PSHE
  • Type: Stat. Guidance
  • Cohort: Primary, Secondary
  • Audience: Teachers, Parents, Governors
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