The Change4life Smart Swapathon Assembly

The Change4life Smart Swapathon Assembly

This simple and exciting assembly is a great way to get the whole school on board and officially launch the campaign. The assembly expains all about the campaing and what everyone in your school can do to get involved.

You could also adapt this assembly to deliver to parents and staff in a meeting!

The Leeds Smart Swapathon is encouraging people to make swaps to either; cut fat, salt and sugar from our everyday foods or to think about ways we could be more active. The campaign is all about everyone in your school working together to making simple swaps. Pupil are encouraged to make swaps at school and at home and together you can all count and share swaps in the totalizer!

The first thing to do is sign up to the Leeds Smart Swapathon as a school today at

The campaign will take place over 6 weeks from 19th January - 27th February.


For further help or support please contact or Siobhan.O' .

  • Theme: Healthy Eating
  • Type: Campaign
  • Cohort: Early Years, KS1, KS2, Primary
  • Audience: Teachers, Parents, Governors
  • Price: FREE
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