A Guide to making the best of school meal provision

A Guide to Making the Best of School Meal Provision A guide has been developed for headteachers and governors to help them get the best out of school meal provision. It aims to help them secure a school meal service that meets the needs of all students, and generate take-up school meals through effective contract management. School-led contract management is becoming increasingly important as a result of the many legislative changes and the impact of devolved budgets. This means that while schools and academies have more freedom, it comes with greater responsibility. School catering contracts are no exception. Self-catering schools, Independent and Private Finance Initiative type contracts can all benefit from applying some of the basic principles set out in the document. The document includes key principles to aid discussions and sign posts schools to practical resources to establish an effective contract management process. The content is underpinned by local pilots and research that informed a mix of school meal resources developed to deliver the Leeds school meal strategy and improve nutrition.

  • Theme: Healthy Eating
  • Type: Leadership/Management
  • Cohort: Secondary, Primary
  • Audience: Governors, Teachers
  • Price: FREE
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