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Creating a School Newspaper Resource Pack

Education Business Partnership - School Newspaper Resource Pack This is a premium paid-for resource. Newspaper The newspaper resource contains detailed instructions on how to set up and run a pupil-led school newspaper. The resource can be used with students in upper KS1 and above. It includes a range of engaging activities that teach students about the publishing industry, learning which they then go on to apply in setting up their own newspaper publishing company. Students name and brand their publishing company, take on different roles within it, manage the company's finance, write and publish a school paper and create the materials to promote it. Learning Objectives To raise awareness of key functions and tasks of a business To engage students in literacy by providing a 'real' application for it To raise literacy levels To develop and apply key enterprise skills including research, working to deadlines, written communication, teamwork and creativity
  • Theme: Pupil Voice, Participation & Sustainability
  • Type: Curriculum/Teaching
  • Cohort: Secondary, Primary
  • Audience: Teachers, Governors
  • Price: £300.00
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Covid-19 - Resources

Firstly may we say THANK YOU to everyone who is working hard during this time to keep children and young people happy, learning, laughing, active and calm at this time of great uncertainty!

We are keen to share tools and resources as best we can, to support children’s wellbeing and education over this period of uncertainty. With this in mind, we have produced a range of advice and free resources for schools, as well as resources for parents/carers in your school.

These resources are updated every week so please check them on a regular basis.

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