The Prevent self-assessment checklist

The Prevent self-assessment checklist will enable schools to consider the systems they have in place to safeguard individuals from extremist narratives and to ensure that staff are sufficiently equipped to support vulnerable individuals and promote a culture of mutual respect and tolerance.  The four themes that should be considered are: 

  • Leadership and accountability
  • Training
  • Reporting and referral routes
  • Curriculum

The self-assessment template provides further information on the areas to consider under each theme.  It is advised that these are re-visited on a periodical basis.

Please click the following link: Prevent - self assessment checklist

Addressing extremism and radicalisation KS4 lesson plans

A series of four lesson plans for key stage 4 with a specific focus on addressing extremism and radicalisation of all kinds, from the PSHE Association, commissioned by Medway Public Health Directorate. Please click this link to access the unit of work: