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Post 16 PSHE Scheme of Work & resource pack

We are pleased to be able to make the Post 16 Scheme of Work and resource pack available for purchase.


The PSHE Post 16 Wellbeing Toolkit grew out of requests from both schools and colleges in Leeds for a programme of study related to the personal and social welfare of young people post 16. The post 16 toolkit builds on the existing Secondary PSHE toolkit that has been provided by Health Schools and Wellbeing Service to all Leeds secondary schools, FE settings and alternative providers.

This Toolkit provides everything required to facilitate 10 sessions with the pupils/ learners. 

  • Alcohol and sexual behaviour (2 sessions)
  • Illicit drug use (1 session)
  • Emotional health and wellbeing (2 sessions)
  • Identity / respect, with a focus on sexual orientation (2 sessions)
  • Sexual health (1 session)
  • Risk (1 session)
  • E Safety (1 session)

The session plans and supporting material can be used as they are or easily adapted and changed, as appropriate, to fit the needs of different groups of pupils/ learners and staff.

The materials will provide staff with the confidence to tackle a range of issues. The session plans and resources support in creating a learning environment that is interactive, lively, and thought provoking, whilst at the same time safe for students and staff.

The PSHE Post 16 wellbeing toolkit complements and extends the Leeds Secondary PSHCE education toolkit. We hope that both of these toolkits will soon be used as the main planning and teaching tools across Leeds.


Non SLA schools/ colleges  £135

Schools/ Colleges with a Service Level Agreement  (basic or full) £90

Alternative settings and voluntary organisations £90

To order a copy of the resource pack simply email school details and a purchase order number to