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October 2017 PSHE/Healthy Schools Bulletin

Welcome to the October 2017 PSHE/Healthy Schools Bulletin.

Welcome to the first PSHE Bulletin of 2017/18.


1. Health & Wellbeing Service Updates and News

 A. Health & Wellbeing Service SLA

If your school has not signed up yet, why not have a look at what is on offer.

B. Healthy Schools

If you want to get involved why not have a look at our new website. We now have over 260 schools engaged with 180 in Leeds. 

C. My Health My School Survey 2017-18

We are delighted to announce that theSurvey is LIVE as from the 17th Oct 2017.

This year we have undertaken a refresh of the information governance arrangements in light of the new Data Protection legislation - the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is due in May 2018. Due to this forthcoming change we need all schools to re-register for the survey. Also due to this new legislation the parent letter has been updated and all pupils will now need to give consent prior to starting the survey once they log in.

 The process is quick and easy, to register click here

Please note: your pupils will not be able to complete the survey until you have re-registered.

 Last year we had a whopping 10,914 children and young people complete the survey from over 117 schools/academies across the city. This equates to over a quarter of the Leeds pupils on roll population, which is a fantastic achievement!!

This year we aim to further increase both pupil response and the number of schools completing the survey which will enable us to further improve our citywide data and build on our 10 years of trend data.

 What is the My Health My School (MHMS) survey?

The online survey is FREE for all Leeds schools/academies. It asks questions relating to the Leeds Children and Young Peoples plan and aims to gather children and young people’s views, behaviours and choices in relation to their health and wellbeing and their school setting.

 Who can complete the survey?

The survey is available for all Year 5, 6, 7, 9 and 11 pupils. In addition we also have a slightly amended version of the survey which is available to all Primary and Secondary Catholic schools in the city.

 What themes are covered in the survey?

The survey covers the following key themes:                   

Healthy Eating/ Physical Activity, PE and Sport/Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco/Sexual Health (Secondary’s only)/Social, Emotional & Mental Health/Safety & Anti-bullying and My School.

 How do I get access to the survey?

Registering to complete the survey is quick and easy, just click here

Please note: this year all schools need to re –register for the survey due to forthcoming changes in Data Protection legislation (see above).

 Are there any supporting resources to help me implement the survey in school?

Yes, there is a comprehensive resource page on the website (accessible to staff only) which includes a manager checklist, parent letter, pupil diary, glossary and three, one hour, easy to follow lesson plans which includes a preparatory lesson, a lesson to complete the survey (using individual computers under exam conditions) and a  plenary lesson. It is advised that for validity and reliability, the survey be completed at the same time each year.

 How do I access my schools survey results?

The registered school survey manager can access the results instantly after the pupils have completed the survey via the analysis page. To help you with this we have also created a quick guide on ‘how to analyse your data’ which can be found here.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any further queries.

D. Do....SRE for Secondary Schools Training

Delivering great Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) isn’t about being an expert. It’s about using effective teaching skills to listen, not tell; to make it about them, not us; and to include absolutely everyone, whether they plan to have relationships and sex or not.

This one day course delivered in partnership with leading expert Justin Hancock (BISH training) aims to allow delegates to explore their own experiences of SRE, whilst also developing the knowledge and skills to deliver this topic using the DO… SRE resource. **Each attending delegate will receive a FREE hard copy of the Do… Resource**

How to book

E. Public Health Resource Centre


9 Harrogate Road

Chapel Allerton

Leeds LS7 3NB

Tel: 0113 2243174

F. Leeds Community Health Care

Various Training events coming up soon.

Comms Workshop

Practical Use of the DLS

Speech Sounds

Supporting Vocabulary Development in the Classroom

Using Visual Support to Enable Access to Communication and Learning

G.Always and Tampax ‘About You’ Puberty Education Programme.

By registering you will get access to a wealth of downloadable lesson plans, videos and in-class activities, as well as #LikeAGirl confidence-building resources to help you deliver key curriculum topics.

About You

A reminder of what you will receive:

  • Classroom demonstration kits
  • Feminine protection sample packs & information booklets for the girls
  • Parent/carer leaflets for the girls to take home

(you can order a year group per school so up to 200)

Click here to request the number of free sample packs you need!*

H. Anti bullying Alliance – Anti Bullying week 13th -17th November 2017

The Anti-Bullying Alliance coordinates Anti-Bullying Week each year across England. This year we heard from over 600 children and young people to help us develop our theme: All Different, All Equal. This year they have created some innovative resources including, cross curricular activities, posters and lesson/assembly plans. They have launched their official merchandise and released two short films with Unique Voice. Please do access them and continue to share with them all your activity in the lead up to Anti-Bullying Week from 13th November - 17th November 2017. 

I. Oral Health Dental Resource Box and Champion Training

New 2017 resource box letter.docx

J. Other Useful Websites

  • Disrespect NoBody teaching resources on preventing teenage relationship abuse

Discussion guides and session plans to support the Government’s Disrespect NoBody campaign aimed at preventing abuse in teenage relationships, developed by the PSHE Association with the Home Office and Government Equalities Office.

  • Body confidence campaign toolkit for schools

The Be Real Campaign’s mission is to change attitudes to body image and help all of us put health above appearance and be confident in our bodies.

We have produced a toolkit for schools because we know that in order to tackle body confidence later in life, it is essential that it begins from an early age. Secondary schools are a key setting for young people to discuss and challenge body confidence issues, with both teachers and students playing an important role in how this happens.

  • Our Girl – forced marriages

Our Girl is a short animated film highlighting the devastating impact that forced marriage causes. The film aims to get communities talking and acting towards ending forced marriage in the UK. This pack contains copies of the film on DVD. You can also view the

film here -

  • Media Smart – Body Image,4Q7LT,KXER48,HPVQD,1

Welcome to Media Smart - the media literacy programme for 7 to 16 year olds

Young people grow up in a world of commercial messaging and there is a greater need than ever for all of us to be able to understand exactly what is being suggested, promised and sold to us.

But it's also one of the most creative and inspiring worlds where ideas come alive with drama, excitement and humour, to keep us all entertained and engaged.

  • Why Not Find Out

Why Not Find Out is an independent source of information about drugs, including new psychoactive substances (formerly known as ‘legal highs’). Browse this site to find out about their harms and history, (il)legality and how to stay safe.

  • Rise Above

Rise Above is where you will find interesting and useful stuff from the web and beyond to get us all talking about the things that matter to us. You’ll find inspiring and useful stories, videos, games and advice.

K. First Leeds PeaceJam Youth Conference - November 2017 

PeaceJam Leaflet

PeaceJam Letter

PeaceJam Feedback

L. The School Food Conference 2017

Up and coming conferemce Tuesday 5th December 2017.

To Book a place

The School Food Conference Flyer

M. Excellent Drama

Excellent Drama Flyer

N. Leeds TiE Looking For Callum

Looking For Callum Flyer

O. Run, Hide, Tell Campaign Resources - Important Notice

Important Notice

Your school might be tempted to cover this – but we strongly advise to wait until KS 3 & 4 lesson plans are published on the topic later this month. Please note that this campaign is aimed at pupils aged 11-16, and we urge against covering it in schools with younger children.
This is a challenging topic to cover in schools, but PSHE can provide opportunity to do so responsibly as it’s important to inform your pupils of what to do in the unlikely event of such incidents, rather than shock them into thinking such attacks are likely or inevitable.
We also understand that your local police or PCSOs will be keen to reinforce the message with pupils but this sensitive issue should always be addressed in lesson time, by a teacher in a safe, age-appropriate, reassuring manner. Our teacher guidance and lesson plans will give you everything you need to deliver this learning safely in your school and will be published by NaCTSO via their website in mid to late October.

P. Leeds Prevemt 'Windows into Extremism' Conference - Thursday 30th November 2017

We are pleased to share details of Leeds City Council’s PREVENT conference ‘Windows into Extremism – Approaches to Supporting Vulnerable Individuals’ with you. This is a unique opportunity to listen to the experiences of three former extremists who were drawn into the world of hate and violence. The personal testimonies about their journeys will highlight the key issues that drew them in to such groups and their seductive narrative, as well as help attendees understand where an intervention could have made a difference and prevented them from moving into extremism. 

The full day conference will also provide attendees with the opportunity to attend 2 workshops from the following:

The current threat from far right extremist groups

  • The current threat from international terrorist groups
  • Tackling controversial issues in the classroom
  • The role of social media in radicalisation
  • Supporting vulnerable individuals through the eyes of an intervention provider

The conference will take place on Thursday 30th November 2017 from 9:30am – 4:00pm is open to all to attend. We encourage you to share these details with colleagues and other interested partners. If you are interested in attending, please email and we will send you information on how to register. We hope you will join us for what we anticipate to be an exciting and invaluable conference.

Windows into Extremism Conference Flyer

2. External Delivery: Safe Skills - Child Sexual Exploitation School resource

‘SafeSkills’ is a new preventative education resource for young people aged 9-12 years. The resource aims to improve the safety of young people in our community in relation to the risks associated with ‘grooming’. The resource has been developed in partnership with various agencies, such as NSPCC and Liverpool’s ‘Protect’ team. We have consulted teachers to ensure the resource is age appropriate and that the lessons support both teacher and pupil needs.The resource consists of three modules; ‘motivations and intentions’, ‘talking about your feelings’ and ‘the role of the bystander’. It includes short films and interactive activities designed to promote discussion in a safe space.

Safe Skills Promo

Safe Skills PPT

Safe Skills Flyer

3. External Delivery: Health Watch

We are the independent national champion for people who use health and social care services. We’re here to make sure that those running services, and the government, put people at the heart of care. 

Health Watch Film

Health Watch PPT

There is a local Healthwatch in every area of England. They are independent organisations who listen to your views and share them with those with the power to make local services better.

 If you would like to share your experience of a health and care service, or if you have a question on health and social care related matters, get in touch with your local Healthwatch.

 Healthwatch Leeds

Tel: 0113 898 0035


4. External Delivery: Victim Support

 Victim support will soon be able to offer assemblies in Secondary schools. 

Shannon Little

Children and Young Persons Independent Sexual Violence Advisor


5. External Delivery: Premier League Primary Stars

What is it?

 Premier League Primary Stars uses the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills.

Available to every primary school in England and Wales, it inspires girls and boys aged 5-11 in the classroom, the playground and on the sports field.

Teaching materials cover subjects from English and Maths to teamwork and PE, with free to download activity ideas, worksheets, lesson plans, fun assemblies and exclusive videos.

Learning is connected to the real world of sport to enthuse pupils when tackling challenging PSHE topics such as resilience, diversity, self-esteem and fair-play.

PSHE resources

Challenging topics such as resilience, diversity and self-esteem, brought to life by personal insights from children and top figures of the sporting world.

Recommended packs:

Covid-19 - Resources

Firstly may we say THANK YOU to everyone who is working hard during this time to keep children and young people happy, learning, laughing, active and calm at this time of great uncertainty!

We are keen to share tools and resources as best we can, to support children’s wellbeing and education over this period of uncertainty. With this in mind, we have produced a range of advice and free resources for schools, as well as resources for parents/carers in your school.

These resources are updated every week so please check them on a regular basis.

View Resources

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