My Health My School (MHMS) Survey

The MHMS is an online perception survey which aims to gather children and young people’s views, behaviours and choices in relation to their health and wellbeing and their school/college setting. The survey is quick and easy to use and provides schools/colleges with instant results to their data.

There are various versions of the survey which can be accessed by children/young people in Primary (Year, 5 and 6), Secondary (Year 7, 9 and 11), Post 16 and those in SEND educational settings.

There is also a PE survey for Year 3 and 4, the questions of which are included questions in all the above surveys, except Post 16.

The survey is divided into key themes as outlined below:


Includes questions on …..

All About Me

…demographics such as gender, identity, living arrangements.

Healthy Eating

…food consumption - breakfast, snacks, drinks, fruit and vegetables and dental hygiene.

Physical Activity

…travel to school/college, out of school activities, including accessibility.

PE in School

…PE lessons, after school club provision and sports/activity participation.

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

…cigarette/ electronic cigarette use, alcohol use and accessibility, illegal drug use (inc New Psychoactive Substances).

Sexual Health (Secondary & Post 16 only)

…consent, pressure, sexual activity, contraception use, access to contraception.

Social Emotional and Mental Health

…general everyday wellbeing, feelings, worries, bullying, self-harm, gambling, sleep, carer responsibilities and bereavement.

My School/College

…school/college experience including environment, level of support, participation, voice and influence. Questions on PSHE topics, content, knowledge of support services offering help or advice and issues specific to their school/college.

Resources: The website hosts a range of useful resources to support schools/colleges with completing the survey including:

  • safeguarding guidance
  • parent/carer letter template
  • pupil diary and video
  • introductory PowerPoint
  • pre/post lesson plans and accompanying resources.

Cost: The survey is fully funded for all Leeds schools/academies and is now available worldwide, subject to a fee.

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·         Click here to view the Primary Headline Data for 2018-19

·         Click here to view the Secondary Headline Data for 2018-19

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