Upcoming Leeds Events


Come & Try Inclusive Golf - Entry Form - 12th June 2019 CLICK HERE


Past events

Leeds Rhinos Foundation Tag Rugby Festival 25th September entry form

Sportstart multi sport session  28th September  details

Primary Inclusive Aqua Festival - Entry Form - 17th December 2018 CLICK HERE

Come & Try Inclusive Badminton KS2/3/4 - Entry Form - 25th January 2019 CLICK HERE

Sainsbury's Inclusive PE course for teachers 28th March 2019 


Accessible activities 

There are lots of ways to keep disabled children and young people active – start off by choosing activities your child is interested in and adapt them. Simple adaptions can be made to games such as using larger or softer balls and making the distances or playing times shorter.

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Try these out!


Adapting Physical Education Lessons 

This video shows a modified physical education lesson which includes all individuals. 

Staying active!

BBC's Make Your Move has a wide range of challenges to help you get active - take a look and find the ones which are right for you.

Additionally, the EFDS can point you to sports and activities in your area. Just click on your region and get started. The Parasport club finder can also help to find a club near you!

Log onto Your School Games account to find more resources within inclusion. 

EFDS and Disability Rights UK have created a guide to support more disabled people to enjoy an active lifestyle. Click the image below to acess the document. 


Sainsbury’s Inclusive PE Training Programme

What is it?

Sainsbury's inclusive  PE programme is free training and resources to support teachers, trainee teachers and school staff to provide a high-quality PE curriculum for all young people.


A FREE workshop and supporting online resources, combining theory, discussion and practical, led by expert practitioners. Visit their website or Contact for available workshops.